Kavli Neuroscience Institute Builds a Bridge between Whiting School of Engineering and School of Medicine

October 6, 2015


Professor Andreas G. Andreou (ECE, BME) and graduate students; Daniel Mendat and Kate Fischl, attended a National BRAIN initiative event at the U.S. Capitol where the official announcement was made for the funding of a Kavli Neuroscience Institute at Johns Hopkins University, Rockefeller University and UCSF. The Kavli Institute for Neuroscience Discovery (KIND) aims to link Hopkins faculty research strengths in NeuroEngineering, NeuroData and NeuroExperiments. NeuroEngineering research will focus on the engineering science of building tools to measure, manipulate, and model within and across spatial and temporal brain scales. NeuroData research focuses at the mathematics and computational science, computing machinery, algorithms and hardware architectures necessary to convert data from NeuroExperiments into discovery, yielding new knowledge and understanding.

The Institute continues a 50 year old tradition of NeuroEngineering at Hopkins, that includes the pioneering work on the auditory system by Moise Goldstein, ECE  faculty emeritus, and co-founder of the Center for Language and Speech Processing. Richard Huganir, Professor and Chair of Neuroscience at the School of Medicine and Professor Mike Miller (BME, ECE) are co-directors of the JHU Kavli Institute. Faculty in the ECE department with neuroscience and neuroengineering research interests (Mounya Elhilali, Ralph Etienne-Cummings, Jin Kang) will play a role in the new institute.   Professor Andreou was part of a small team of faculty from WSE and SOM that  prepared the proposal and he is a member of the Institute’s steering committee. In the past, Professor Andreou has participated in two Kavli Foundation Futures symposia and in 2010 he led a round table discussion on the future of computing technology and its implications for brain research.


Center for Language and Speech Processing