Andreas Andreou


Primary Appointment:  Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Research Interests

  • Principles of computing and computing machinery
  • Sensory information processing and theoretical neuroscience
  • Pattern analysis and machine intelligence
  • Microsystems technologies, devices, sensors, and integrated circuits

Professor Andreas Andreou is the co-founder of the Johns Hopkins University Center for Language and Speech Processing. Research in the Andreou lab is aimed at brain inspired microsystems for sensory information and human language processing. Notable microsystems achievements over the last 25 years include a contrast sensitive silicon retina, the first CMOS polarization sensitive imager, silicon rods in standard foundry CMOS for single photon detection, and a large scale mixed analog/digital associative processor for character recognition. Significant algorithmic research contributions in pattern analysis and machine intelligence include the vocal tract normalization technique for speech recognition and heteroscedastic linear discriminant analysis, a derivation and generalization of Fisher discriminants in the maximum likelihood framework.

Awards and Honors:

  • IEEE Fellow
  • Honorary professor at the Universidad Nacional del Sur, Bahia Blanca, Argentina
  • JHU Applied Physics Laboratory R.W. Hart Prize (1989, 1991)
  • IEEE Circuits and Systems Society Darlington Best Paper Award [Paper] (2000)
  • IEEE Circuits and Systems Society Transactions of Biomedical Circuits and Systems Best Paper Award [Paper] (2010)


Secondary Appointments: Computer Science and the Whitaker Biomedical Engineering Institute

Center for Language and Speech Processing