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Think today’s computers are smart? Just look at what’s coming. Meet a multinational bullpen of computer scientists who are rapidly bridging the divide between humans and machines.

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Voice technology education at Johns Hopkins gets a boost from Amazon

The Alexa Fund Fellowship will support a doctoral student, called the Alexa Fellow.

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Making Conversation Easier

KITT.AI, a new Seattle-based artificial intelligence startup whose founders include two CLSP alumni, has landed funding from Founders’ Co-Op, Amazon’s Alexa Fund, and Madrona Venture Group.

(Image: Valery Kenski / Flickr / CC BY 2.0)

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Social Media Conspiracies

Social media users who share conspiracy theories and pseudoscientific claims about the Zika virus may undermine upcoming efforts to keep the disease from spreading.

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Sanjeev Satheesh (Baidu, Inc.) “... @ Hackerman Hall B17
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Abstract Deep learning has helped speech systems surpass humans on speech recognition tasks for multiple languages.  One could say, therefore, that the automatic speech recognition (ASR) task may be considered “solved” for any domain where[...]

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