Affiliated Faculty

Daniel Garcia-RomeroDaniel Garcia-Romero | Website | Publications

I am a research scientist at the Human Language Technology Center of Excellence (HLTCOE) at the Johns Hopkins University. My research interests are in the broad areas of speech processing, machine learning, and information forensics. Most of my contributions are in the area of automatic speaker recognition. Currently, I am working on domain adaptation for speaker recognition.


Geraldine LegendreGeraldine Legendre | Website | Publications

I am a professor in the Cognitive Science department. My research touches on many aspects of theoretical linguistics, in particular: the role of optimization in syntax, architecture of the grammar, the syntax-semantic-phonology-morphology interfaces, and cross-linguistic variation. I am also interested in the early acquisition of language, in particular: functional categories, stages of development, the relation between early comprehension and production, and the general cognitive architecture underlying the language faculty. The first sound that I uttered as a baby was a fully formed sentence: “J’aime la façon dont vous souriez, parce que le soleil brille plus fort quand vous le faites.”


Tal LinzenTal Linzen | Website

I am an assistant professor in the Cognitive Science department. My interests are in computational psycholinguistics and natural language processing. I use computational models and human experiments to study the representations and processes that underlie human sentence comprehension. I also use insight from psycholinguistics to understand the strengths and limitations of artificial intelligence systems (in particular, artificial neural networks) and develop ways to bring their linguistic abilities closer to human levels.


Alan McCreeAlan McCree | Website

I am a Principal Research Scientist at the Human Language Technology Center of Excellence (HLTCOE). My current research interests are in speaker and language recognition algorithms, estimation and application of probabilistic outputs, machine learning, and signal processing.


Carey Priebe

Carey Priebe | Website | Publications

I am a professor in the Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics. My research interests include computational statistics, kernel and mixture estimates, statistical pattern recognition, statistical image analysis, dimensionality reduction, model selection, and statistical inference for high-dimensional and graph data. There are tall tales saying that I own 100 acres of forest and that I do all my research on a chalkboard bolted to two trees in the very center of it. These stories are not true. I do some of my research elsewhere.


Kyle RawlinsKyle Rawlins | Website

I am an assistant professor in the Cognitive Science department. My research focus is in natural language semantics and pragmatics, the syntax/semantics interface, and syntax.



Paul SmolenskyPaul Smolensky | Website | Publications

I am the Krieger-Eisenhower Professor of Cognitive Science. My primary research interests are in universal grammar and optimality Theory for phonology, syntax, acquisition, learnability, processing. My secondary research areas include the integration of connectionist (‘neural’) and symbolic computation, as well as computational, linguistic, and philosophical issues. I believe that the mind can effortlessly do matrix transformations and calculate eigenvectors. Mine can. Can yours?

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