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Neuro-Computational Basis of Sound Object Recognition

  • Developed novel feature extraction methods which are extremely robust to noise for both speech and speaker identification tasks.
    • These features capture speech specific regions in the modulation domain which maximize reliability.
    • Multi-stream approach to further divide this region into subparts performs better in various noise conditions.
  • Successfully demonstrated models for timbre which capture the perceptual space of musical instruments.
    • Attentional mechanisms in this perceptual space have been developed which can further boost the representation of any given target object.
    • Developed methods to adapt feature extraction and modeling stages to out-of-domain data.

Other Projects

Derived-STRF(Spectro-Temporal Receptive Field) contours for Speech recognition

  • Developed an algorithm to learn STRFs from speech data to give sustained response
  • Successfully used the resulting contour to derive robust features which show improved performance in noisy conditions

Phoneme recognition framework using STRFs

  • Developed a mechanism to automatically select STRF features for each broad phoneme class
  • Combined posteriors from multi-layered perceptrons trained on these features give improved performance.

Multi-resolution Analysis for Lung sounds

  • Successfully extracted multidimensional features from lung sounds that were able to predict presence of abnormalities.

Speech based filter banks

  • Derived filter banks from average spectrum of speech that were compared with perception based mel-like filter banks.


Other Interests

Rock Climbing, Tennis, Racquet Ball, Hiking, Kayaking.




A Phoneme Recognition Framework based on Auditory Spectro-Temporal Receptive Fields
Samuel Thomas, Kailash Patil, Sriram Ganapathy, Nima Mesgarani and Hynek Hermansky
Interspeech – 2010

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