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Speech recognition software and machine learning tools are being used to create diagnostic test for Parkinson’s Disease

March 27, 2019

Diagnosing Parkinson’s Disease is tricky. Instead of the blood tests and imaging used to help detect other diseases, such as cancer, diabetes, and heart problems, clinicians must rely on observations of the way patients move and speak, which is an often long and painstaking process. Laureano Moro Velazquez wants to change that. A post-doctoral student […]

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Jason Eisner honored by Association for Computational Linguistics

March 18, 2019

According to the Association for Computational Linguistics, the primary international scientific and professional society for scholars focused on computational problems involving human language, its Fellows are recognized for “contributions to the field [that] have been most extraordinary in terms of scientific and technical excellence, service to the association and the community, and/or educational or outreach […]

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Jason Eisner elected ACL Fellow

January 3, 2019

Computer Science professor Jason Eisner has been elected a  Fellow of the Association for Computational Linguistics for  “significant contributions to probabilistic models and algorithms for finding linguistic structure, especially lexicalized syntax and morphology.” Established in 2011, the ACL Fellows program recognizes members whose “contributions to the field have been most extraordinary in terms of scientific and technical […]

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Mark Dredze

Mark Dredze appointed the John C. Malone Associate Professorship

September 20, 2018

  Mark Dredze, associate professor in the Department of Computer Science, has been appointed as a John C. Malone Associate Professor. The John C. Malone Associate Professorship was endowed through the generosity of John C. Malone ’64, ’69 to support outstanding Whiting School faculty members within the Malone Center for Engineering in Healthcare. Mark develops new methods […]

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CLSP students win Best Student Paper Award at Interspeech 2018

September 6, 2018

Three CLSP students took home the award for Best Student Paper at this year’s Interspeech conference. The paper, Multi-Modal Data Augmentation for End-to-End ASR, was written by Adithya Renduchintala, Shuoyang Ding, Matthew Wiesner, and associate research professor, Shinji Watanabe. Interspeech is the world’s largest conference on the science and technology of spoken language technology. This year’s conference […]

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Russian trolls and Twitter bots article garners widespread attention

August 27, 2018

With the publication of the research study Weaponized Health Communication: Twitter Bots and Russian Trolls Amplify the Vaccine Debate, in the American Journal of Public Health (AJPH), the conversation about the influence Russian trolls have over the political and social discourse in this country once again made front-page news. Researchers studied tweets related to vaccinations during the […]

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Kaldi acknowledged as most popular framework for speech recognition

April 6, 2018

At the recent GPU Technology Conference, held in San Jose, California, NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang stated that Kaldi had become “the most popular framework for speech recognition”. And was “now optimized for GPUs”. Kaldi, a toolkit for speech recognition, was created in 2009 at a Johns Hopkins University workshop titled “Low Development Cost, High Quality Speech […]

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CLSP publishes 13 papers at this year’s NAACL

March 5, 2018

This year’s Annual Conference of the North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics: Human Language Technologies will be held in New Orleans, Louisianna. CLSP is proud to participate in the premiere Natural Language Processing (NLP) conference in North America. CLSP students, postdocs, and faculty have an amazing 13 papers at this year’s main conference. […]

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