Towards Meaning: The Tectogrammatical Sentence Representation – Jan Hajic (Institute of Formal and Applied Linguistics, Charles University)

February 4, 2003 all-day

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The so-called “Tectrogrammatical” representation of natural language sentence structure will be described as it is being developed for the Prague Depepndency Treebank and used for the Czech, English and German languages, with other languages in the works and plans (Arabic, Slovenian). The Tectogrammatical representation attempts at a semi-universal representation of such language phenomena as the predicate-argument structure, lexical semantics, discourse structure displayed at the sentence level, and co-reference both inside and across sentences. Its relation to the classical dependency- and parse-tree representation of (surface) sentence structure will be presented as well. Possible advantages of the tectogrammatical representation will be demonstrated on examples of the Machine Translation and Question Answering tasks.

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