An Overview of Digital Libraries – Tim DiLauro (Johns Hopkins University)

April 22, 2003 all-day

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The Digital Knowledge Center (DKC) is the digital library research and development department of the Sheridan Libraries. The DKC’s research agenda focuses on the ingestion of and access to materials in digital libraries. Its projects emphasize the development of automated tools, systems, and software to reduce the costs and resources required for converting the vast knowledge within print materials into digital form. Fundamentally, the DKC’s R&D efforts emphasize a combination of automated technologies with strategic human intervention. The DKC: conducts research and development related to digital libraries in collaboration with faculty, librarians, and archivists both within and beyond Johns Hopkins University. provides expertise to facilitate the creation of digital library materials and services. focuses on assessment and evaluation of digital libraries through usability research and economic analyses. provides leadership in fostering an environment and culture which is conducive to advancing the library and university in the information age DKC projects have been funded by the National Science Foundation, the Institute of Museum and Library Services, the Mellon Foundation, a technology entrepreneurial group in Maryland, corporations and individual donors. The Hodson Trust has provided an endowment to support the Director of the DKC, and an Information Technology Assistant. The DKC has published numerous academic papers, and has been featured in articles or news stories by the New York Times, Baltimore Magazine, Tech TV, UPI, and the Congressional Internet Caucus. Tim DiLauro, the Deputy Director of the Digital Knowledge Center, will provide an overview of digital libraries and digital library research issues.

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