CLSP members win Best Long Paper and Outstanding Short Paper at ACL 2017

September 5, 2017

At this year’s Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL) conference, the awards for Best Long Paper and Outstanding Short Paper were awarded to CLSP members Ryan Cotterell and Jason Eisner, and Keisuke Sakaguchi, Matt Post, and Benjamin Van Durme, respectively. The PC chairs were charged with choosing the winners for the two categories from a selection of 22 papers, or 1.5% of the papers submitted to ACL 2017.

Created in 2016, the outstanding paper category allows for recognition to be given to a larger body of papers. The top papers were selected by the 61 Area Chairs and had to have qualified by a minimal score and be nominated by a primary reviewer. The PC chairs then took into account diversity and representativeness amongst the nominated papers.

Best Long Paper was awarded to Ryan Cotterell and Jason Eisner for their submission:

Probabilistic Typology: Deep Generative Models of Vowel Inventories

Outstanding Short Paper was awarded to Keisuke Sakaguchi, Matt Post, and Benjamin Van Durme for their submission: Error-repair Dependency Parsing for Ungrammatical Texts

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