Kate Fischl receives 2016 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

April 1, 2016
Kate Fischl

Kate Fischl

Kate Fischl, a PhD candidate in the research lab of Professor Andreas Andreou, has been awarded a fellowship through the 2016 National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP). Her research interests lie at the intersection of the life sciences and electrical engineering, with a focus on social neuroscience and neuro-technology. In one collaboration with Professor Katalin Gothard at the University of Arizona, Fischl is analyzing data from Rhesus monkeys in social situations. She seeks to understand and model emotion and collective social behavior, as well as implement the knowledge of brain function into engineering devices

Fischl earned her undergraduate degree from Princeton University. After graduating, she worked at MIT Lincoln Laboratory’s Bioengineering Systems Technologies Group, where she designed wearable medical monitoring systems. At Johns Hopkins, she is a member of ECE’s Graduate Student Association and has co-founded a resource group for women in ECE/CS graduate programs

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