2008 Plenary Seminar Schedule


10th – 10:30AM
Title: Computational Gene Finding in the Human Genome: How Many Genes Do We Have?
Presenter: Steven Salzberg
Affiliation(s): University of Maryland

16th – 1:00PM
Title: Energy-Based Models and Deep Learning
Presenter: Yann LeCun
Affiliation(s): Computational and Biological Learning Lab, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University

22nd – 1:00PM
Title: Language as Kluge
Presenter: Gary Marcus
Affiliation(s): New York University

30th – 10:30AM
Title: Understanding Speech in the Face of Competition
Presenter: Barbara Shinn-Cunningham
Affiliation(s): Boston University


6th – 1:00PM
Title: Learning Rules with Adaptor Grammars
Presenter: Mark Johnson
Affiliation(s): Brown University

Center for Language and Speech Processing