WS06 Post Workshop Research

At the conclusion of each workshop, the student participants are invited and encouraged to compete for funding to continue a research project at their home institution during the coming academic year. Their proposals are presented as part of the closing reports of the research teams. An independent panel of three or four experts is appointed as reviewers of the proposals. At the conclusion of the presentations, they convene to discuss the student proposals and make a recommendation to CLSP on which projects they feel should be funded. The winners are announced at the closing dinner of the workshop. Winners are requested to submit a formal proposal, including a financial proposal, to CLSP, upon their return to school. The proposals are reviewed by the CLSP director and awarded based on available funding.

Review Panel

Lance Ramshaw (BBN)
Andreas Stolcke (SRI)
Mari Ostendorf (UWashington)

Evaluation Guidelines for Judges

Center for Language and Speech Processing