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Travis WolfeTravis Wolfe

Johns Hopkins University
Center for Language and Speech Processing

Office: Hackerman 321
Email: travis at cs dot jhu dot edu

About Me

I am a first year PhD student in Computer Science at JHU and a Whiting Payback Fellow. I did my undergraduate work at Carnegie Mellon University where I got at BS in Statistics and Information Systems with a minor in Computer Science. In the Fall 2011 I had a lot of fun being a teaching assistant for the Machine Learning course at Hopkins. In my spare time I enjoy both road and mountain biking (and occasionally touring).


I am just getting started with my research here at Hopkins, so nothing much to report there. Previously I have worked on machine learning methods for recovering files from damaged hard drives and a news recommendation system. Here is a list of interesting words and phrases: Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Randomized Algorithms, Efficient Indexing, Information Retrieval, Information Extraction, Distributional Semantics, Nonparametric Methods, SVMs, Structured Prediction, Dynamic Programming.


Anatole Gershman, Travis Wolfe, Eugene Fink and Jaime Carbonell. News Personalization using Support Vector Machines. ACM SIGIR 2011


Personally, I think we need…

  • movies and TV shows that aren’t garbage
  • more media and less merchandise
  • tastier and healthier food
  • fewer cars and more bikes
  • less money in politics (good luck with this one…)
  • to talk about the issues
  • to trust the experts
  • no wars


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