Anoop Deoras

Anoop DeorasSenior Researcher
Algorithms Research and Engineering Team
Netflix, Los Gatos, CA

I work as an applied researcher at Netflix which I joined in Sept 2014. At Netflix, I primarily work on recommender systems. Before joining Netflix’s Algorithms research and engineering team, I was a member of Bing’s Speech and Language Science team at Microsoft working as senior research scientist. I worked at Microsoft from Aug 2011 to Sept 2014.

I obtained my M.S. and Ph.D. from the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at the Johns Hopkins University in 2011. As a grad student, I was affiliated with the Center for Language and Speech Processing as well as Human Language Technology, Center of Excellence at JHU.

I was also affiliated with the Applied Mathematics and Statistics Department at JHU, from where I obtained another Master of Science (M.S) degree. My concentration area for my Masters was Probability and Statistics.

For my Ph.D., I was advised by Prof. Fred Jelinek and then later by Prof. Ken Church after Prof. Jelinek’s demise. My PhD thesis focused on solving intractable decoding problems in speech recognition employing complex and long span mathematical models of languages.

My broad research interests are in Applied Mathematics (Linear Algebra, Optimization), Probability & Statistics and applied Machine Learning (natural language processing, speech recognition, recommender systems).

I am an elect senior member of IEEE and a member of ISCA and ACL.

Center for Language and Speech Processing