Navigating the Interaction Timestream (when your AAC device is a cement block tied to your ankle) – Jeff Higginbotham (SUNY – Buffalo)

July 13, 2011 all-day

Interacting in time is something we all do, most of the time without thought about how it is accomplished. For many individuals who use technology to mediate their interactions, communication success is problematic. These problems entail operating the device within conversational time constraints, as well as coordinating their bodies with their device and their partner as they attempt to produce meaningful utterances. My talk will introduce several types of problems involving time and timing facing augmented speakers and their partners and explore some ways in which NLP and interface design my be helpful in addressing these difficulties.
I received my PhD in “comparative studies in human interaction” from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. I’m interested in how augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) devices are used for conversation and other tasks and how these technologies are socially “constructed” by the community in which they are used. I try to use findings from my research to work with designers to build more socially responsive AAC systems.

Center for Language and Speech Processing