Kenneth Heafield (University of Edinburgh) “Faster Neural Machine Translation”

May 6, 2019 @ 12:00 pm – 1:15 pm
Hackerman Hall 320
3400 N. Charles Street
MD 21218


The Marian toolkit dominated a shared task on translation speed run by the Workshop on Neural Machine translation. Speed came from many levels: model complexity, teacher-student compression, and efficient kernels.  Compressing the model is particularly important because memory bandwidth is the limiting factor on GPUs with tensor cores and on CPUs.  I wrote 8-bit integer multiplication in AVX512 intrinstics, which reduced translation latency 2.7x and now we are looking at 4 bits.  Much of the systems for ML addresses vision tasks; large parameter skew and variable-size input make sequential models difficult and interesting.


Kenneth Heafield is a Lecturer (which translates to en-US as Assistant Professor) leading a machine translation group at the University of Edinburgh. He works on efficient neural networks, low-resource translation, mining petabytes for translations, and occasionally grammatical error correction.

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