Extracting and Applying Measurements of Tongue Images – Maureen Stone (University of Maryland)

September 23, 2008 all-day

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This talk will review our work using several instrumental techniques that image the tongue. These techniques include ultrasound, cine-MRI, tagged-MRI, and DTI. The tongue is of interest because it is the major articulator in the production of speech; it has the most degrees of freedom. In addition it is an unusual structure as it is composed entirely of soft tissue and must move without benefit of bones or joints.This talk will present an overview of work done by us and our colleagues toward the understanding of tongue motor control, and applications of tongue imaging data to the development of a silent speech interface, a FEM of tongue motion, a study of aging in tongue motion, and a study of tongue motion after removal of cancerous tumors.
Dr. Maureen Stone measures and models tongue biomechanics and motor control using data from ultrasound and MRI. Dr. Stone is a Professor at the University of Maryland Dental School, and Director of the Vocal Tract Visualization Laboratory. She has written numerous articles on the multi-instrumental approach to studying vocal tract function. She is a Fellow of the Acoustical Society of America.

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