Could We Double the Functionality–and the Use–of Hearing Aids? – David Myers (Hope College)

November 11, 2003 all-day

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David Myers will describe progress, in Europe and in west Michigan, toward a world in which hearing aids serve not only as sophisticated microphone amplifiers, but also as customized loudspeakers. He will also share his vision for how “hearing aid compatible assistive listening” could enrich the lives of America’s hard of hearing people and lessen the stigma of hearing aids and hearing loss.

Hope College social psychologist David Myers ( is the author of scientific publications in two dozen journals, including Science, Scientific American, and the American Scientist. His science writings for college students and the lay public have also appeared in many magazines and in 15 books, including A Quiet World: Living with Hearing Loss (Yale University Press, 2000). His advocacy for a revolution in American assistive listening is explained at

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