A problem in speech recognition research with examples from astronomy – Jordan Cohen (Dragon Systems)

March 7, 2000 all-day

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The speaker will outline the state of the art in speech recognition, and he will attempt to draw a parallel with conditions during the development of astronomy as viewed from the perspective of the history of science. Cautionary tales from astronomy and biology are also examined briefly. Audience participation will be encouraged.

Dr. Cohen has been the Director of Business Relations for Dragon Systems in Newton, Massachusetts for the past year. He builds business relationships, evaluates technical opportunities and challenges, and helps define the future of speech recognition and language technology at Dragon. He is actively involved in AudioMining, an emerging technology.
Prior to Dragon, Jordan was a member of the research staff at the Institute for Defense Analysis Center for Communications Research in Princeton, New Jersey, where he designed and implemented algorithms for analysis of many Government communications systems. During his tenure there, he founded and co-chaired the first two Summer Workshops in Speech Recognition (now the NSF/CLSP Summer Workshops). Prior to that, Dr. Cohen was a Member of the Research Staff at the IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Laboratories, where he developed acoustic models for speech recognition. In his earlier working career, he was employed at NSA, and served as a Captain in the U. S. Air Force.

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