Haolang Zhou
PhD Candidate, Dept. of ECE
haolangzhou at jhu dot edu 

  About Me:

Born in mainland China, I am currently a Ph.D. candidate at the Center for Language and Speech Processing.
My current advisor is Prof. Andreas G. Andreou.

  Research Interests:

My research interests include Automatic Speech Recognition, Speech Processing and Machine Learning.

  • Haolang Zhou, Damianos Karakos, and Andreas G. Andreou, A Semi-supervised Version of Heteroscedastic Linear Discriminant Analysis, In Proc. of Interspeech 2009. (Awarded ISCA Student Grant).
  • Haolang Zhou, Damianos Karakos, Sanjeev Khudanpur, Andreas G. Andreou, and Carey E. Priebe, On Projections of Gaussian Distributions using Maximum Likelihood Criteria, In Proc. of the Information Theory and Applications Workshop, La Jolla, California, February 2009.
  • Yanli Zheng, Richard Sproat, Liang Gu, Izhak Shafran, Haolang Zhou, Yi Su, Dan Jurafsky, Rebecca Starr and Su-Youn Yoon, Accent Detection and Speech Recognition for Shanghai-Accented Mandarin, In Proc. of InterSpeech 05 (Eurospeech), Lisboa, Portugal, 2005.
  • Haolang Zhou, Lan Wang, and Ke Chen, A Mandarin Speech Database for Speaker Recognition. In Proceedings of NCMMSC-6, 2001 (in Chinese).
  • CLSP Research Note:
  • Izhak Shafran and Haolang Zhou, Multiple Heteroscedastic Linear Discriminant Analysis, CLSP Research Note 54.
  Experience:  (link to CV)
(link to CV)
Johns Hopkins University
(Jan. 2004 ----- Present)
Center for Language and Speech Processing
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Major: Electrical and Computer Engineering
Peking University
(September 2000 ----- July 2003)
National Laboratory on Machine Perception
The Center for Information Science
Beijing, China
Major: Signal and Information Processing
Peking University
(September 1996 ----- July 2000) The Department of Electronics
Beijing, China
Major: Electronics and Information Systems

Contact me at:
The Center for Language and Speech Processing
The Johns Hopkins University
CSEB 323
3400 North Charles Street
Baltimore, MD 21218
* Telephone: (410) 900-0327 * Fax: (410) 516-5050 * E-mail: haolangzhou at jhu dot edu
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