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Two Toward Language-Independent Acoustic Modeling
Team Goals
Project Description
Team Members
Willian Byrne
Team Leader
Peter Beyerlein PRL
Juan Manuel Huerta CMU
Sanjeev Khudanpur CLSP/JHU
John Morgan West Point
Nino Peterek Charles Univ., CR
Joe Picone MsState
Bhaskara Marthi UToronto
Wei Wang Rice
Technical Papers & Resources
Opening Day Presentation
Overview, Bill Byrne
Dictionaries and Phone Mappings, Joe Picone
Workshop Presentations
Overview, Bill Byrne (July 28)
Data, Examples, and Some Initial Results, Joe Picone (July 28)
Cross language phone mappings [ps], Juan Huerta (July 28)
Discriminative Model Combination - Basics and Application to Language Independent ASR, Peter Beyerlein (August 11)
Final Presentation, August 18
Overview, Bill Byrne
Knowledge Based Phone Mappings, Joe Picone
Data-Driven Phone Mappings [ps], Juan Huerta
Adaptation and Retraining, Sanjeev Khudanpur
Discrminative Model Combination, Peter Beyerlein
Language Adaptive Clustering, Bhaskara Marthi
Experiments with Phone Confusions and ROVER, Wei Wang
Final Report (PDF)
Team Publications
"Towards Language Independent Acoustic Modeling" [ps]
IEEE Workshop on Automatic Speech Recognition and Understanding, Colorado, December 1999
"Towards Language Independent Acoustic Modeling"
ICASSP 2000, Istanbul, Turkey
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