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August 8th
CSEB Room B17
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Plenary Seminar Schedule


23rd - 10:30AM
Title: Human Activity Recognition using Simple Direct Sensors
Presenter: Henry Kautz
Affiliation(s): University of Rochester
Presentation Slides: PTX

30th - 10:30AM
Title: Probabilistic Knowledge and Uncertain Input in Rational Human Sentence Comprehension
Presenter: Roger Levy
Affiliation(s): UC San Diego
Presentation Slides: PTX


7th - 10:30AM
Title: The science of sleep mentation and REM sleep: Is dreaming functionally significant?
Presenter: Antonio Zadra
Affiliation(s): Université de Montréal

14th - 10:30AM
Title: Hybrid Deformable Modeling Methods for Reconstruction, Segmentation, Tracking and Classification
Presenter: Dimitris Metaxas
Affiliation(s): Rutgers

21st - 10:30AM
Title: Two Faces of Active Learning
Presenter: Sanjoy Dasgupta
Affiliation(s): UC San Diego

22nd - 2:30PM
Title: New Machine Learning Approaches to Speech Recognition
Presenter: Alex Acero
Affiliation(s): Microsoft