Student Seminar – Guanghui Qin “Nugget: Neural Agglomerative Embeddings of Text (ICML 2023)” @ Hackerman Hall B17
Sep 11 @ 12:00 pm – 1:15 pm


Embedding text sequences is a widespread requirement in modern language understanding. Existing approaches focus largely on constant-size representations. This is problematic, as the amount of information contained in text often varies with the length of the input. We propose a solution called Nugget, which encodes language into a representation based on a dynamically selected subset of input tokens. These nuggets are learned through tasks like autoencoding and machine translation, and intuitively segment language into meaningful units. We demonstrate Nugget outperforms related approaches in tasks involving semantic comparison. Finally, we illustrate these compact units allow for expanding the contextual window of a language model (LM), suggesting new future LMs that can condition on significantly larger amounts of content.

Center for Language and Speech Processing