I am currently a senior research scientist at the Johns Hopkins University Human Language Technology Center of Excellence. I am also an assistant research professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and a member of the Center for Language and Speech Processing. My research explores various aspects of the speech recognition problem, with a focus on whole word acoustic modeling, sparse representations and models, and unsupervised/semi-supervised learning of words and speech sounds. Lately, I have been focused on developing zero resource speech technologies that require no transcribed speech for training and are thus agnostic to the language of application.

Curriculum Vitae

Available in pdf.


Ph.D. in Computer Science, Univ. of Chicago, 2008
M.S. in Computer Science, Univ. of Chicago, 2005
M.S. in Physics, Univ. of Chicago, 2003
B.A. in Physics, Cornell University, 2001

Contact Information

Aren Jansen
Human Language Technology Center of Excellence
Stieff Building/810 Wyman Park Drive
Baltimore, MD 21211