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Workshop 2000

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NSF Supported Summer Internships

The Center for Language and Speech Processing at the Johns Hopkins University is seeking outstanding members of the current junior class to participate in a summer workshop on language engineering from July 3 to August 25, 2000.

No limitation is placed on the undergraduate major. Only relevant skills, employment experience, past academic record and the strength of letters of recommendation will be considered. Students of Biomedical Engineering, Computer Science, Cognitive Science, Electrical Engineering, Linguistics, Mathematics, Physics, Psychology, etc. may apply. Women and minorities are encouraged to apply.

The eight week duration of the workshop provides a vigorously stimulating and enriching intellectual environment and hopes to encourage students to eventually pursue graduate study in the field of human language technologies.

Undergraduate Student Selection Guidelines

Six or more undergraduate students will be selected for next summer's workshop. It is expected that they will be members of the current junior class so that their proficiency will be consistent with the goals of the workshop: attracting outstanding students to consider graduate student and research in the field of language engineering.

Applicants must be proficient in computer usage, including Unix and either C or C++ programming and have exposure to basic probability or statistics. Knowledge in any of the following will be considered, but is not a prerequisite: Linguistics, Speech Communication, Natural Language Processing, Cognitive Science, Machine Learning, Digital Signal Processing, Signals and Systems, Linear Algebra, Data Structures, Foreign Languages, and experience using Perl, MatLab, and other similar software.

The Johns Hopkins University does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin, age, disability or veteran status in any student program or activity administered by the University or with regard to admission or employment. Defense Department discrimination in ROTC programs on the basis of sexual orientation conflicts wit this University policy. The University is committed to encouraging a change in the Defense Department policy. Questions regarding Title VI, Title IX and Section 504 should be referred to Yvonne M. Theodore, Affirmative Action Officer, 205 Garland Hall (410-516-8075).